wall fabric / patterned / PVC / commercial
IKAT Chilewich Sultan LLC



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  • Motif:


  • Material:


  • Market:

    commercial, for hotels, shop

  • Options:

    high-resistance, antibacterial, fire-retardant, fire-rated, low-VOC


We took a leap naming our Ikat after one of the oldest known textiles of the world. The similarity is in the important role yarns play in both traditional ikats and our Ikats. Colors appear to vanish and then reappear in our Ikat design which is a result of carefully chosen contrasting colors in our bi-color yarn. Made in USA with TerraStrand®. Contains Microban®. Available in Plynyl® Plank and Square Tiles, Plynyl® Wall to Wall Flooring, Plynyl® Floor Mats and Wall Textiles.