PVC flooring / textile / polyurethane / residential
SHADE Chilewich Sultan LLC



  • Material:

    PVC, textile, polyurethane

  • Market:

    residential, tertiary

  • Format:


  • Finish:


  • Appearance:

    fabric look

  • Options:

    tactile, interior, high-resistance, high-performance, low-VOC, woven, noise-reduction, fire-retardant, antimicrobial, anti-static, water-repellent, bacteriostatic


Shade is a flat and tight twill weave that features a unique rotation of signature bi-color yarns which create a subtle ombré effect in the warp. The bi-color yarns share one common color which helps to produce an understated yet expressive shift in color throughout the textile. Made in USA with TerraStrand®. Contains Microban®. Available in Plynyl® Plank and Square Tiles, Plynyl® Wall to Wall Flooring, Plynyl® Floor Mats and Wall Textiles.