electric air heater / wall-mounted / ceiling-mounted



  • Energy source:


  • Installation:

    wall-mounted, ceiling-mounted


Range :
Version A with AC fan motor assembly

Available in 5 sizes in heating mode ((H4350-H4400-H4450-H4500 and H4630) 4 sizes in cooling mode (H4350-H4400-H4450-H4500)

Version with HEE fan motor assembly :

Available in 6 sizes in heating and cooling modes (H4300-H4350-H4400-H4450-H4500 and H4630)

The new 4631S size is specifically designed for the “logistics platforms” market

Operating range :
Cooling capacity: 10 to 150 kW
Heating capacity: 5.4 to 21.9 kW
Air flow rates: 1000 to 12000 m³/h
Use :

HELIOTHERME 4000 is designed for all types of small or large areas (industrial premises or workshops, warehouses, large stores, garages, gymnasiums, multi-purpose halls …). This air heater can be used for overall or back-up heating, either permanently or intermittently, or used simply to keep buildings frost-free.

Description :

Fan motor assembly with ROTOREX technology available in 3-phase 2-speed version and 1-phase 1 variable speed version (reduced voltage).
Fan motor assembly, HEE technology (with EC motor) available in 1 phase 1 variable speed (0-10 volts signal)
Double deflector diffuser with JET+ technology as standard.
LP water: 1, 2 or 3 row(s) - Copper tube (AC or HEE version)
HP water: 1 row (2 or 3 rows on request) - Steel tube (AC version only)
LP/HP Steam: 1 row - Copper-nickel tube (AC version only)
Electric: shielded stainless steel resistors inserted directly in the finned block for optimum heat transfer (AC version only)