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Removable partition / glazed / for offices
PLEINAIR Clestra Hauserman


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    for offices


Clestra's pleinAir wall is an office partition with absolute sobriety that is completely transparent.
One or two panes of glass (thickness 10 or 12 mm) are housed in a base with minimal dimensions. The glass is subjected to special machining to enable the use of an EPDM (seal, flexibility, T°C resistance) joint. Invisible and flexible, this joint allows the glass to be removed.
The pleinAir wall comes in a single or double-glazed version with centered or off-centered glass. pleinAir doors are available as swing doors, pivots or sliding doors. Their extremely pure lines are visually appealing. They are available in wood, steel or glass.
Clestra's pleinAir range of walls is supplemented by a solid panel in steel or wood, and a complete range of screen, canvas and woven hanging accessories which slide in front of or between the windows.


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