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recessed fan coil / duct
HWD HP 0071 - 0121 Climaveneta



  • Installation:

    recessed, duct


HWD HP belongs to ducted type fan-coils high head of Climaveneta. The possibility of vertical or horizontal installation, airflow adjustment and attractive external panelling guarantees an ease installation and make the unit adaptable to any type of surroundings.

- - Basic

Unit coils guarantee high efficiency thermal exchange with low pressure drop. Finned unit coils are made of copper tubes and high exchange surface area aluminium fins. Coils are always tested for leaks with dried air at 14 bar;
The electrical power and control switchboard includes electronic air flow regulator and terminal blocks for connection to power supply and remote control;
Internal insulation in closed cell expanded polyethylene with suitable thick to limit heat loss and noise emission;
Structure in galvanised steel of high thickness for maximum resistance to rust;

Interface SPB Kit
Hot water coil kit
Delivery and intake plenum
Intake grill
Two way intake plenum with air lock
Ceiling brackets
Auxiliary condensate collecting tray

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