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upholstery fabric / patterned / cotton / velvet



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    cotton, velvet, viscose

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Tratturi are the ancient paths of sheep taken by the shepherds from the mountains of Abruzzi to Apulia in winter. These paths were regulated and mapped out in 1500 by Alfonso DAragona, and formed a very important link as farming was the most important economical activity in Central South Italy at this time.
This velvet takes inspiration from photographs of these old paths at the end of the 19th century by this time there were thousands of winding paths descending the valleys. This meandering pattern is depicted in a viscose jacquard velvet with an irregular striè which increases and decreases in width enhancing this movement. The cotton ground of the fabric uses a punctuation effect with the weft in a different colour, characterising the colour of the land.
Available in 8 colourways, each named after a farm produce native to the land of Abruzzi, Tratturo has a medium sized pattern and is suitable for both upholstery and curtains.

H.cm 29,3 11,4''
L.cm 32,5 12,6''

cm 130 51,2''
C70 V30 Pile V100

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