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protective paint / for walls / interior / alkyd
FUMEX 2 FINITURA Colorificio San Marco S.p.A.



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    for walls

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is the water-thinnable paint for indoor use with a velvety matt appearance, specifically formulated to complete the FUMEX 1 PRIMER/FUMEX 2 FINITURA system, designed to paint walls stained with: nicotine, coffee, cooking grease (frying oil), wine, magic marker, pen ink, soot, etc.
For its ease of use, excellent adherence, high washing resistance and rapid application, FUMEX 2 FINITURA is especially suitable for painting public buildings, bars, pizzerias, etc. Also thanks to its low grip on dirt and effective stain-blocking properities, FUMEX 2 FINITURA blocks and inhibits the appearance of stains on those surfaces most subject to dirt deposits (i.e., near the espresso machine, furnace, radiators, etc.).
The effectiveness of the stain-proofing system is achieved through the combined use of both products: FUMEX 1 PRIMER to prepare the base and FUMEX 2 FINITURA for the finish.
FUMEX 2 FINITURA complies with Italian Legislative Decree N. 155 dated 26 May 1997, which implements the Directive 93/43/EEC and 96/3/EEC on the topic of “proper hygiene practices in the food industry”.
The L.D. does not require the use of products in compliance with UNI standards 11021:2002 for painting rooms where prepackaged food products are stored or handled.