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protective coating / exterior / interior / polyurethane
SOLVESIL Colorificio San Marco S.p.A.



  • Function:


  • Location:

    exterior, interior

  • Component:

    polyurethane, silicone

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SOLVESIL is a silicone polymer, polysiloxane class, non-film forming product that is resistant to alkalis and weathering. It is indicated for giving water repellency to various types of mineral surfaces.
The CE marked product conforms to regulation EN 1504-2 which lays out the performance requirements for products used to repair and protect concrete structures.
SOLVESIL penetrates the substrate, drastically reducing the absorption of water through the surfaces while maintaining the substrate’s permeability and original appearance.
SOLVESIL prevents both the progressive crumbling of the construction material, caused by freeze and thaw cycles, as well as the formation of unsightly white patches caused by water soluble salts extracted from the walls.