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The Colt NFV Natural Facade ventilator is a combined, integrated louvre/damper system designed to be installed within the envelope of a building to allow controlled natural passive ventilation

Features and Benefits
Suitable for low level inlet or high level extract
Air permeability is within the current Building Regulations maximum air leakage rate
A wide range of additional options and various control system options
Optional smoke clearance version
Passive ventilation
Delivered to site fully assembled for speedy installation.
The Colt NFV is a motorised or manual natural uPVC ventilation damper that allows the passage of air to/from classrooms, atrium corridors, lobbies and stairwells. It enables the fabric of the building to be cooled overnight and reduces the risk of daytime overheating.

It is ideally suited for education facilities as part of BB101 but is also suited to many commercial and public buildings such as libraries, offices and health care facilities.