ceiling infrared heater / wall-mounted / gas / commercial



  • Installation:

    ceiling, wall-mounted

  • Energy source:


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  • Other characteristics:

    radiant tube


The Comet Radiant Suspended Heater is a economic and versatile heating system. Radiant heating is equally suitable for heating specific localised areas or the whole building where general heating is required.

There are 4 types of units; 'U' Tube (TSR), Single Tube (TSRL & TSRD) and Continuous Tube (TSRD).

All heaters can be powered by natural gas or propane gas and have a range of heat outputs from 8kW to 120kW.

Economy and total versatility are two important features of Comet. Radiant heating is suitable for economically heating whole buildings or specific areas where general heating is unnecessary.

Due to their low profile design, Radiant Heaters are ideal for heating areas that need no obstructions, such as sport halls or between racking for example. Other design features include steel end caps fitted to the reflectors preventing heat escape, and a safety burner control based on constant vacuum sensing.