decorative paint / protective / heat-reflective / for ironwork
ANCORIT 300 HT Comus



  • Function:

    decorative, protective, heat-reflective

  • Applications:

    for ironwork

  • Support:

    for metal

  • Location:

    interior, exterior

  • Finish:

    smooth, matte

  • Options:

    quick-set, anti-rust


Solvent-based anti-rust paint for the protection and decoration of ferrous metals subjected to high temperatures. Interior - Exterior

Excellent phosphating and anti-rust properties thanks to special inhibiting pigments.

Quick drying and very good adhesion to metals. Withstands temperatures up to 300°C: particularly suitable for inserts, barbecues, pipes, boilers, etc.

Color : Black

Finish : Matt smooth

Packaging : 0,75L