frame formwork / modular / steel / for columns



  • Type:

    frame, modular

  • Material:


  • Applications:

    for columns, wall

  • Other characteristics:



The system ADATTO formworkavailable in steel (upon request), is designed for walls, pillars, support walls, ground wall castings, and vertical castings in general. It is distinguished in its category for its outstanding characteristics of modularity, versatility and finishings. With regard to modularity, all of the panels, both standard and universal, have horizontal elements with drilled holes every 5 cm. This allows, if necessary, the use of any standard panel as a universal panel and eliminates the need for wooden compensators. With regard to the technical characteristics, the ADATTO system allows considerable casting pressures with the use of three braces.In ADATTO formwork system the union between panels is ensured by two types of wedge clamps, the fixed aligner clamp and the patented UNA adjustable aligner clamp.

The closure of the casting can be achieved in different ways. The simplest are:
with aligners, laminated wooden beams and a covering plywood;
with a standard panel and two universal-pillar panels.
The vertical alignment of the structure is assured by adjoining the props with adjustable braces.
The stairs and elevator shafts are normally repeated for each floor of the building. In order to facilitate the work and reduce assembly and disassembly time, the system is equipped with assembly/disassembly corners.