contemporary coffee table / oak / walnut / MDF
STING by Jehs & Laub COR



  • Style:


  • Material:

    oak, walnut, MDF, ash, metal, marble, limestone

  • Shape:

    rectangular, round, square

  • Height:

    30 cm, 35 cm, 40 cm (11.8 in)


The name of the new Sting furniture series is derived from its delicate metal legs, but the visual focus is more on their table tops with surfaces made from finely crafted materials. The modular programme is designed to provide the right "frame" for any seating furniture, be it sofas, loungers or easy chairs, to bring the necessary accessories within easy reach, but also to simply look good on its own. Sting meets these demands with a particularly purist design that highlights the beauty and value of all the materials used. Oak, ash and walnut are among the solid woods used. MDF surfaces in lacquer colours are now also available with powder coating, making them more resistant to scratching. Coloured glass plates are lacquered underneath in colour, glass is dyed completely in a bronze or black tone. With marble and limestone, stone surfaces are also offered for the first time. The combination-friendly coffee tables in the basic shapes circle, square and rectangle come in three heights (30/35/40 cm) so that groups of two or three can also be created in staggered arrangements.