flat solar thermal collector / for water heating / insulated / with aluminum frame



  • Technology:


  • Function:

    for water heating

  • Other characteristics:

    insulated, with aluminum frame


STRATOS® DR integrated collector storage. Is a compact solar system for D.H.W. production through the direct heating on the integrated storage. Thanks to its elegant design and its small footprint, STRATOS® DR is an ideal choice combining high quality, aesthetic and energy saving. STRATOS® DR is recommended for geographical areas with an high index of annual solar radiation. A truly “plug and play” system conceived to be installed in series to let you increase the volume of D.H.W. accumulation maintaining the efficiency of the whole solar system.

STRUCTURE Aluminium profile, anodizing treatment included, tempered solar glass anti ice-rain. End and lateral insulating plates with high thermal insulation power (λ 0,023 W/mk), thickness 30 mm.

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