security swimming pool cover / for above-ground pools



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    for above-ground pools


For the fans of water the use of swimming pool all year round, regardless weather conditions, consists a de facto compact of pleasure, enjoyment and entertainment.

What is the use of owning a swimming pool which you cannot enjoy in January while you yearning for summer vacation?

The swimming pool cover (Stable or Opening) provides you the possibility to dive to your pool any time you want any time of year.

The Stable Cover offers the possibility of indoor swimming pool by shade percentage accordingly to the choice of cover material color. Of course, availability for audio and projective system installation is offered in Stable Cover construction.

The Opening Roof, because of the easy and practical function covers fully or partially the swimming pool, depending on users demands.

The construction of both cover solutions (Stable and Opening) is consisting from light and high standard quality cover materials, such as Danpalon polycarbonate sheets or special crystals providing protection from ultraviolet rays UV, rain and hail.

The frame is made from powder coated steel or aluminum and guarantees spectacular resistance through time.

Benefits & Advantages.
Creation of a pleasant , functional and developable area round the swimming pool even in winter months.
Protection form light, rain, air and dirt.
Benefit of comfort and pleasure, by adjustable level of ventilation in the Opening Roof version.
You can choose among in a huge variety of shapes and colors.
Offer of maximum energy saving, for heating swimming pools.
Support of audio and projective systems, on the construction's metallic frame.