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Quarter-turn staircase / concrete / enclosed / lateral stringer
31204 - HOLLAND Couturier Iron Craft


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    lateral stringer, for commercial buildings

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Custom staircase design, decorative metal stairs and unique ornamental railings are often a top choice of items by architects and designers to express a strong focal point in todays buildings. A ornamental staircase, curved, straight or spiral offers unlimited design choices serving as the main point of interest in room where your eye is drawn first.

Couturier Iron Craft specializes in custom metal staircase design, fabrication and installation for all types of construction covering the United States area east of the rockies. We can meet your needs for engineering, loading and code requirements. Being a custom staircase fabricator for 45 year you can be assured that your stair project will be detailed, engineered, fabricated and installed correctly with a noticeable high level of quality.

Our normal everyday fabrication includes complex radiused and straight stairs constructed of steel plates, tubes, channels, beams along with stainless steel railings, brass, aluminum, steel and glass railings. Couturier Iron Craft is a specialty decorative and ornamental fabricator providing products for division 57000. To ensure that your decorative metal items are correctly fabricated and installed by a qualified decorative metal contractor, it's necessary to specify these items in a separate division and price package.


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