programmable thermostat / digital / wall-mounted / for heating



  • Type:

    programmable, digital

  • Installation:


  • Function:

    for heating

  • Options:



The CHV-TSTATEX is a wireless thermostat featuring infiNET EX® technology. The CHV-TSTATEX installs just like a conventional thermostat because no extra wires are needed to connect to the control system. Although functional as a standalone thermostat, the CHV-TSTATEX delivers enhanced functionality as part of a complete Crestron® automation system. Integrating HVAC with a Crestron system can help lower energy bills and increase user friendliness.

The CHV-TSTATEX is designed for one- or two-stage heating and one- or two-stage cooling control of baseboard, forced air, heat pump[1], and dual-fuel heat pump[1] HVAC systems. The large backlit LCD display provides a clear view of temperature, set point, system mode, fan mode, system status, and setup functions. Climate control features include separate heating and cooling set points, and adjustable anticipators to prevent overshooting the desired temperature. Continuous fan operation can be selected when needed for increased circulation.