hanging infrared heater / ceiling / gas / commercial
SILVERSUN COMFORT Cukurova Heating Systems



  • Installation:

    hanging, ceiling

  • Energy source:


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  • Other characteristics:

    radiant tube


The Silversun radiant tube heaters are equipped with high performance double stage burners with capacities between 8 to 24 kW. Dur to the high efficiency rating of the burner, the Silversun heaters are able to provide effective heating solutions. The double stage burners are especially good for outdoor and patio heating. The burner can be remotely adjusted to high or low capacity that delivers comfortable heat up feeling according to the ambient temperature.

Compact Design for Patios

The dimensions of the heaters are especially designed to fit low clearance applications. The horizontal burner position, allows the heater to be installed very close to the ceiling.


The components of the heaters such as the heat exchanger tube, the hanging brackets and reflectors are manufactured with materials that are resistant to outdoor conditions. The tubes are made of heat treated aluminized steel that are also very efficient in emissivity vise. The reflectors are composed of highly reflective polished aluminum and the hanging

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