asphalt flooring / road / textured / stone look
NOVACHIP Cultured Stone Products



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    stone look

  • Options:

    exterior, high-resistance, noise-reduction, waterproof


Novachip is a thin surfacing consisting of a thick bitumen emulsion tack/seal coat covered with a layer of gap graded asphalt. It can be considered as an ultra thin asphalt friction course or as a paver laid spray seal. It combines the sealing properties of a spray seal with performance properties similar to those of an open graded asphalt friction course.

Features & Benefits
Applied with a purpose built machine that spreads both the tack/seal coat and the hot mix asphalt in a single pass
Preventative maintenance or surface rehabilitation of roads
Restores surface impermeability, skid resistance and provides improvement in rideability and noise reduction
Has no structural effect - must be applied on structurally sound pavements