asphalt flooring / road / for parking lots / textured
OPEN GRADED Cultured Stone Products



  • Material:


  • Market:

    road, for parking lots

  • Finish:


  • Appearance:

    stone look

  • Options:

    high-resistance, noise-reduction


Open Graded Asphalt used in Australia and overseas as a wearing course to provide increased safety in wet weather (through reduced surface water and spray during rain) and reduced noise levels. Open Graded Asphalt is a porous asphalt mix formulated to provide large voids (in excess of 20%) to allow surface water to drain away and hence increase safety for the motorist.

Features & Benefits
Low traffic noise surfacing for roads in urban areas
Australian Open Graded Asphalt mix designs reported to reduce average noise levels by up to 3dB(A) compared to Dense Graded Asphalt and up to 5dB(A) compared with Spray Seals
Wearing course provides increased safety in wet weather and reduced noise levels
Large voids in porous asphalt mix allow drainage of surface water for increased safety in wet weather