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gas fireplace / contemporary / original design / open hearth



  • Energy source:


  • Style:

    contemporary, original design

  • Hearth:

    open hearth

  • Type:

    corner, double-sided

  • Installation:


  • Other characteristics:

    custom, remote-controlled


The CVO FIRE RIVER has been designed with a beautiful dancing ribbon of flame. This Double Sided or See Through gas fireplace is available with a wide choice of enclosure finishes and trims available. The standard model is frame-less however a wide range of trim options are available if desired. The gas fire can be supplied as a clean ribbon of flame or the fire can be upgraded with either logs or pebbles if desired. This modern gas fire is operated by a technologically advanced remote control unique on the UK market. This battery powered remote system is operated by a digital handset and features additional options including a thermostatic temperature control and a sleep timer. As installed in the Daily Mail "House of the Year"


Thermostatic Control - when using this feature the handset can be set to the desired room temperature. The handset will then monitor the room temperature and adjust the flame to maintain the correct level. This saves energy and running costs are reduced.
Ventilation - If the upgraded version is bought no room air vent is required, if the standard version is purchased a 100cm2 air vent will be required. Call sales to discuss..
Flue System - As this is a double sided fire careful consideration must be given to the flue requirements. If the fire is to be installed open on both sides specialist flue knowledge may be required including possibly a fan extraction system. To avoid this complication, and the requirement of an air vent, it is advised to upgrade the fire with a glass panel and trim on one side. The type of chimney you will be using needs to be specified at the time of order.