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ventilation system touch screen / wall-mounted
DCM601A71 Daikin AC (Americas), Inc.



  • Applications:

    for ventilation systems

  • Installation:



The intelligent Touch Manager provides control for all VRV, SkyAir, and Daikin mini-split systems (FTXS) indoor units with the use of the KRP928BB2S RA Adapter. It is capable of controlling a maximum or 64 indoor unit groups and 128 indoor units connected to a maximum of 10 outdoor units.

The iTM provides building owners, facilities/premises managers and maintenance operators refined and energy efficient control of Daikin VRVIII, VRV WIII, VRVIII-S and/or mixed VRVIII/VRV-IIIS/SkyAir indoor units. With its user friendly tab and icon menus, and scheduling capabilities, this controller makes management of indoor units and other facilities equipment easy. The iTM is linked directly to the system via a Daikin DIII-Net connection without the need for a PC. Supports centralized control remotely using a PC with a Web browser (Standard).