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The VRV W Series offers an energy saving alternative to traditional centralized equipment. Its remarkable compact and light weight structure makes installation of VRV technology in large buildings possible. At only 330 lbs. and less than 40 high, the VRV W Series can take a ride up the elevator to be installed in a machine room. Offering state of the art comfort for hotels, offices and large commercial applications, the engineer solution tool box just got bigger. The VRV system keeps running costs at an absolute minimum by controlling each zone individually and being able to shut down completely in unoccupied areas.

VRV W Series Systems are equivalent to 4-Pipe Fan Coil systems, but also offer a viable alternative to WSHP Solutions. Each connected Indoor Unit can provide heating and cooling independently to suit zone requirements making these systems suitable for both open plan, or cellular applications with different operation requirements.

Two Stage Heat (Energy) Recovery is available between indoor units on the same VRV system and then across all the systems connected to a common water loop. This has a dramatic impact on Power Consumption and helps improves energy efficiency.

The VRV W Series allows for extensive refrigerant piping, enabling several spaces to be cooled by a single refrigerant circuit. The VRV W Series uses the same Daikin inverter technology that is used with air-cooled systems, but extends the application of VRV products by utilizing the same quality family of VRV indoor units and controls options.


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