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swing shutter / aluminum / window / insulated



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    insulated, custom


Insulated hinged shutters are durable and elegant. DAL'ALU shutters are customised and durable, providing insulation and minimising maintenance.

DAL’ALU customised, insulated, lacquered-aluminium, hinged shutters harmonise perfectly with all architectural styles, both in renovations and new constructions.

DAL’ALU shutters are solid, durable, and elegant, with a traditional look.
The look exactly like hinged wooden shutters, but offer greater peace of mind, as they do not require maintenance.

DAL’ALU shutters are available in a wide range of colours, from pastels to the deepest tones. You can choose DAL’ALU shutters to match other features of your house: guttering, door and window frames, front doors, gates, etc.

DAL’ALU insulated, hinged shutters offer a variety of shapes, both curved and straight, with horizontal and/or diagonal bars, paint colours, and accessories, making them both attractive and high-performance. DAL’ALU shutters are eligible for energy transition or CITE tax credits in France.
They are included in the category of thermal insulation materials and, specifically, that of insulating shutters

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