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contemporary vase / ceramic
BAMBU by Enzo Mari Danese



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Danese carries on with its restyling of projects by master Enzo Mari, who designed their DNA through his studies and experiments on industrial products.
Bambù is a family of pots. Their phytomorphic shape strictly responds to manufacturing requirements, and is a logical reference to the flower-containing function.
“There is also a clearly perceptible ambiguity between vegetal and architectural forms (the tree is the archetype of the column), classic elements that Mari often approached ironically.”
The series of pots Bambù originates from the studies of Enzo Mari on industrial production and its ethical implications in terms of human labour. It is the physical translation of his thinking about the accessibility of industrial products.
No shapes or dimensions implying additional investments in production equipment are introduced. The different versions are obtained by cutting the master mould at varying heights, either parallel to the base or with a tilted profile.
This approach results into pots of varying capacities, and ensures optimized production with satisfactory formal results. Following early versions obtained from a PVC pipe, Mari explores other material and manufacturing options.
Ceramic provides an excellent compromise between ethics and aesthetics, production and accessibility, industry and handicraft.
The manufacturing process is simple, “industrial,” yet respectful of human labour, and the outcome has a craft-level quality. Ceramic is used for the restyling of this collection of pots obtained through casting, whose natural texture enhances their material essence.