hot water radiator / stainless steel / original design / wall-mounted
ABBRACCI by Marco Poletti D.A.S. Radiatori



  • Type:

    hot water

  • Finish:

    stainless steel

  • Style:

    original design

  • Other characteristics:



A play on design and functionality, imagination and technology, another demonstration of just how original and internationally unique Made the Italy is.
Designed by architect Marco Poletti, is equally at home in the bathroom or the living area as an exclusive decorative element.
ABBRACCI is a new generation radiator featuring an endless variety of configurations, thanks to its innovative modular make-up and the twisting and turning capacity of the design. And because you are allowed to change your mind, the shape can be altered, even after installation. Simple to assemble, it is not limited by the position of the water outlets (wall/wall; wall/floor; wall/ceiling; floor/ceiling)

You can choose between four, five or six Hugs, each formed by 4 units, the radiator being made up of 16, 20 and 24 units (3cm diameter and 30cm radius of curvature) with lockable rotating pressure-proof joints, all in stainless steel.
ABBRACCI is a 99% recyclable, eco-friendly radiator that uses a reduced quantity of water, ensuring energy saving and a high heat output. Available in polished or brushed finishes and in water or electric versions (with remote control option).