parking prevention bollard / security / access control / steel



  • Type:

    parking prevention, security, access control

  • Material:


  • Features:

    retractable, automatic, hydraulic

  • Other characteristics:



One or several retractable bollards made of treated anti-corrosion and painted steel. A control system for long-distance bollard control. Magnetic detection loops. Posts with signalling lights. Bollard controlling devices.

Reservation of parking spaces and entrances: reserve access to certain spaces and to certain zones only for authorised persons and vehicles (parking spaces, private residences, delivery areas, security guards …).

Management and control of town traffic: limit access to certain zones (bus routes, pedestrian areas) in the framework of urban traffic while guaranteeing pedestrian freedom and without damaging the environmental features.

Protection of buildings against all attacks of the “car-in-wall” type: guarantee the security of vulnerable sites (embassies, luxury stores, administration buildings…).