contemporary wall light / brass / LED / tubular
ISP by Ilia Potemine DCW éditions



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That is the genius of its inventor. Ilia Sergeevich Potemine is Russian. Better still, he’s Italian-Russian : the original double agent. You may think he’s a designer. In reality he’s an airline pilot. The sky is his playground, the sun a revolutionary star and he has only dropped in on this earth for the time it takes for a quick layover. For the time it takes to design the extraordinary lights that are in complete contrast with what the mainstream is doing. Flashback : for a nanosecond Howard Hughes comes to mind. And Potemine has taken off again. No law, no order. Except perhaps Achille Castiglioni who was the original radical, inventing the lights of the future at a time when creativity was bound only by time and space. Ilia Potemine, just 30 years old, is in the same vein. His ISP lamp is rooted in the same manifesto and defies classification.