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Metal frame supported tensile structure
SPECTRUM De Boer Structures Holding BV

Spectrum is a unique, modular and demountable building that meets building regulations and that can be used for a wide range of temporary and semi-permanent applications, for periods lasting from one week to many years.

Quality and safety
The Spectrum has been developed on the basis of national and European Building Regulations and norms, assuring the quality and safety of the construction. The building can easily function for years. The high level of quality of our services are guarded by our ISO 9001:2000 certification. All our structures are designed in accordance with BS6399:2005 and European Standard EN13783 and Flammability Performance in accordance with BS7837:1996.

Rapid construction
The Spectrum is an RFD building; Rapid to build, Flexible in use and layout, Demountable after use. RFD is a building method that perfectly meets the increasing need for speed, flexibility and tailor-made solutions. The RFD building method provides a guaranteed high quality level, an almost unmatched speed in construction and the possibility to rapidly remove the entire facility once it is no longer needed. The short construction time keeps your risk and costs in check and allows your business processes to continue as usual.

A durable solution
As a result of the high insulation value and optimum air-tightness, the energy performance of the building is excellent, allowing you to keep your energy costs under control. In combination with the resulting low CO2 emissions, the high level of re-usability and the minimal amount of construction waste on site, the Spectrum is a truly durable building, fully prepared for the future.


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