upholstery fabric / plain / velvet
SIGNORIA 7100 Decobel srl



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That Italy has a long history of velvet is evident in museums, but it is the product, the velvet itself, with its handle and light that confirms this fame every day.
Our company was set up and has grown around velvet, it has made in-depth studies of its every detail, examined every aspect, enhanced its beauty with finishing processes and amplified its versatility with our rich, complete colour ranges. Ours is a story of passion, constantly evolving, which turns the innovation of velvet into its real strong point. Decobel plain velvets are products of excellence, their uniqueness guaranteed thanks to total control of the production chain, loved because resistant and strong over time and through the changing fashions. 7 plain velvets, 45 variations (including pleating, flocking, embroidery, embossing, laminate and brushing) for around 800 colour options.