freezer with drawer / undercounter / commercial / stainless steel
18600VD Delfield



  • Type:

    with drawer, undercounter

  • Sector:


  • Finish:

    stainless steel


Versa Drawer™ gives you four units in one, saving you space, lowering your operating costs and increasing productivity in your operation. Each drawer is its own separate compartment and can operate as a refrigerator, a freezer, a thaw cabinet, or a convenience chill unit, independent of the other drawers. Operate any of the drawers in any of the modes, at any time. A simple to use control makes it easy to select the operating mode you want for each drawer. A carefully engineered refrigeration system responds to your command and interacts with each drawer individually. Need to operate all drawers as refrigerators - no problem. Maybe you need two refrigerator drawers and two freezer drawers, just select the modes you need. One refrigerator, one freezer, one thaw, one chiller or any combination... it's all possible with Versa Drawer.