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Public bench / contemporary / steel / modular
AT® Della Valentina Office


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The AT version of Dontcallmesavonarola. It’s a multifunctional sitting and it’s the border line among multiple ways of sitting. Don’t call it chair, or stool, or bench, or armchair, not even, Savonarola. Thanks to its special sizing, this comfortable sitting lends itself to different situations and uses. It would be at ease in a funny evening with some friends, maybe around a practical coffee table. You can even use it as a sitting at the end of the bed, inner and refined. In the wardrobe it’s the perfect sitting to put on shoes avoiding the usual balancing act; you can also imagine it in the entrance of your house to make it feel more comfortable and invite everyone to make themselves at home. It has a lot of uses and only one name, but don’t call it Savonarola.


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