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The standard slat length is from 0.9 to about 3 m. (The exact length always depends on the species and availability). For the connection between two slats, you must keep a distance of at least 7 mm to counteract the capillary action of precipitation. This is done under an angle for the benefit of the drainage of the facade. If the vertical application has a varnish finish, Derako recommends using a rhombus profile. This is for better adhesion for the staining system. The UV-stability of any façade membrane to be used can affect the maximum slat width. If you are not using a façade membrane, there is no maximum joint width.

Construction and installation
For the vertically fitted solid wooden façade system, the anodised aluminium SLR profiles have a maximum length of 5.8 m1 and these are easy to align and the installation time on site is greatly reduced. In complex projects, the profiles can also be marked to indicate the correct position in the work. The SLR profiles (centre to centre maximum 600 mm), depending on the specific project, come with notches for fastening a patented RVS clip. These RVS clips are already fitted to the profile in the production phase, making the assembly of the slats quick and easy.

Advantages of the Derako vertical wooden façade system:

- Great design freedom; with curved and arched forms
- Cradle-to-Cradle certification
- Invisible mounting of wooden/ timber slats
- Completely demountable
- More than 25 wood species
- 100% Technical project support
- Fire retardant according to EN13964
- Solutions matching your budget!
- Derako is ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified