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Non-woven geotextile / polypropylene / for drainage / green roof


  • Type:


  • Material:


  • Function:

    for drainage

  • Applications:

    green roof


070. Product Description
The VL fleeces are geotextiles made of polypropylene thread using a needle felting method.
080. Application
VL geotextiles have many different uses on green roofs but their main functions are filtering and mechanical protection. VLS geotextiles are water retentive and protect too. Manufactured from a mixture of threads, without thermal treatment. Approx. weight 500 g/m2 .
090. Frequently Asked Questions
Up to what height should this protective layer be drawn over the waterproofing?
It should fully cover and protect the waterproofing layer.
How long can the products be stored in open air?
UV stabilized products, in general, can be exposed to direct sunlight for about 4 weeks.
Does a VL layer have to be joined to the layer below it?
No, but it should be weighted against wind uplift if left exposed.
Are VL geotextiles root-resistant?
Roots were meant to grow through the VL layers and by intertwining, strengthen the entire system. Mature root growth is therefore more desirable than fresh planting.


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