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electronic safe / free-standing
10105 DiaDorn



  • Technology:


  • Installation:



Measurements of the safe:

Outside: H 300 x W 280 x D 260 mm
Door: H 180 x B 235 mm
Door opening: H 170 x 220 mm
Deposit opening: H 20 x W 150 mm
Color: Gray
Weight: 13,4 kg

Delivery contents:

2 2 emergency keys
4 AA batteries
4 heavy load anchors (steel dowels)
Instruction Manual
Drop-down safe | deposit safes | safe with slot | electronic lock

You work hard for your money and nothing would be worse than if the day's takings were stolen from you at the end of the day. The drop-down safe or deposit safe, with its drop slot, is the easiest way to safely store cash stocks or other assets.


Our drop-down safe makes sure that you or your employees simply drop the day's or shift's takings into the drop-down safe and only you or authorized persons can remove the contents of the safe. There are also no longer any discrepancies between shift takings, as these are dropped into the safe after every shift and can no longer be manipulated.

Our safe, with a slot opening, of 3mm thick steel and its 6 mm thick steel door provides for the security of your assets.

An electronic finger-scan lock with 4 sturdy steel bolts; 32 finger-scanning options lock this deposit safe. We recommend saving two finger scans per user. The safe can be opened via an emergency lock and an individual code in the case of an empty battery.