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electronic safe / free-standing
10112 DiaDorn



  • Technology:


  • Installation:



Measurements of the safe:

Outside: H 300 x W 280 x D 260 mm
Door: H 180 x B 235 mm
Door opening: H 170 x 220 mm
Deposit opening: H 20 x W 150 mm
Color: high-gloss white
Weight: 13,4 kg

Delivery contents:

2 2 emergency keys
4 AA batteries
4 heavy load anchors (steel dowels)
Instruction Manual

Drop-down safe | safe for fashion store, restaurant | electronic lock |
high-gloss white

Safes are ugly! We have tried to do something against this and have brought a drop-down safe in high-gloss white on the market. Nobody has done this so far, and we are very glad that it is quite something to behold.

Its high-grade look also fits in areas, where deposit safes usually rather attract negative attention. Bars, exclusive boutiques, and gourmet restaurants.