bathroom liquid waterproofing / patio / for kitchens / acrylic



  • Applications:

    patio, bathroom, for kitchens

  • Material:


  • Other characteristics...:

    flexible, single-component


Single-omponent liquid acrylic waterproofing membrane, coloured and ready to use, to waterproof bathrooms, shower boxes, kitchens, wet-areas in general, balconies, terraces, flashings and cement structures in general.

Single-component liquid waterproofing, ready to use, applicable both internally and externally by roll, brush, airless or water squeegee. It can be left exposed since it is available in different colours or coated with traditional tiles since it is directly ready to be paved.

Suitable to be used on kitchens, bathrooms, shower boxes and wet areas in general. It can applied both in vertical and horizontal. Elastic and highly flexible, it presents excellent resistance to wearing, ponding water and UV rays.

Key benefits

Quick application
It allows to waterproof applying low thickness levels
Excellent adhesion to any concrete surface, bricks and stones provided that thay are solid,stable and well-cleaned.
It can be also applied on existing floors, after the application of a primer
Tiles can be pasted directly on the product, using a good adhesive for outside
It can be made walkable using Floorgum Paint (see technical data sheet)
It can be coated using a finishing product line
Excellent elasticity
Solvent free