foundation waterproofing membrane / for buried walls / bentonite



  • Applications:

    for foundations, for buried walls

  • Material:



Bentonite waterproofing sheet, self-adhesive and self-sealing, to realize geo-composite barriers for pre casting waterproofing of foundations and underground rooms and for the application under ground level.

Bentonite geo-composite sheet, self-expanded, characterized by a high swelling capacity, suitable for pre casting waterproofing of structures or underground rooms, such as foundations, garages, elevator pits, fences, foundation slabs, underground parking areas, landfill sites. Suitable for artificial lakes or water basins.

The geo-composite is made by a non woven fabric, saturated with bentonite and perfectly sewn to the polypropylene fabric so the bentonite is definitively trapped inside the micro-cells, avoiding any possibility of sliding due to cuts, tears, vertical application or simply moving.

Key benefits

Self-anchoring and self-sealing
It adapts itself to the structure shape
High tear resistance
Easy to fix in case of accidental damages during application
Easy application
Quick setting
Excellent workability
Non toxic and solvent free