foundation sealing / bentonite



  • Applications:

    for foundations

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Hydrophilic bentonite joint for the sealing and waterproofing of concrete casting joints of concrete structures.

Diajoint is an hydrophilic rubber joint made of bentonite polymer, to be used as water stopper for concrete casting joints of concrete structures. The joint is composed by 75% of sodic bentonite and 25% of organic binder.

Once in contact with concrete casting, the joint increases its volume sealing and waterproofing perfectly the surface from any eventual infiltration coming from outside and filling holes generally present on concrete vertical casting.

Key benefits

Good plasticity and flexibility
Excellent swelling capacity in water
High swelling effort that ensures a perfect hydraulic seal between set concrete elements
Excellent durability during years
It does not require immediate concrete confinement; in normal conditions it may remain exposed up to 48 hours
Suitable for drinking water contact
The product does not contain toxic substances and can be handled without any risk by operators