synthetic flooring / acrylic / tertiary / stone look



  • Material:

    synthetic, acrylic

  • Market:


  • Appearance:

    stone look

  • Options:

    interior, exterior, high-resistance, waterproof


Mono component multipurpose synthetic coating suitable for vehicles.

Monocomponent multi purpose driveaway coating, suitable for indoor and outdoor application. It can be used as a protective coating in combination with liquid waterproofing products, making the surface suitable for vehicles transit, or as an alternative to the traditional asphalt surfaces or some other similar coatings. The product is characterized by an excellent resistance against wearing, weathering agents, UV rays, ponding water. Suitable for direct contact with substances such as oils, fuels and smog.

Key benefits

Easy and quick application
High resistance to weathering, UV rays, salts
Suitable for vehicles
It does not turn yellow
It can be applied to finish waterproofing system based on synthetic resins
Solvent free