plasticizer admixture / for mortar



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    for mortar


Additive for roughcast of regularization with high resistance.

Water-dispersed polymers designed to improve the resistance of cement against salt attacks. The modified mortar shows a faster setting of the upper layer and an excellent adhesion.

The formulated mortars with CL additive improve considerably their mechanical and chemical resistance and they present low risk of cracks. Ideal for the formulation of grouting mortars with high chemical and mechanical resistance, for the base coat regularization of humid and weak substrates.

Key benefits

Remarkable resistance of freezing defrosting cycles
Ensures high mechanical resistance
The hydraulic lime mortar or cement modified sticks perfectly to the support and improve the waterproofing resistance and weather resistance
The formulated mortar with CLS additive, that prevents from mosonry damages caused by water
The modified mix do not affect to the water vapor permeability
High resistances with high and low thicknesses

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