finish paint / for floors / for concrete / for indoor use



  • Function:


  • Applications:

    for floors

  • Support:

    for concrete

  • Location:

    for indoor use, outdoor

  • Component:

    acrylic resin-based

  • Options:



One-component finishing coloured coating, formulated with water-based acrylic resins, to be used as finishing layer on X-Pro system (Professional line), for professional tennis courts ITF 5 certified.

Hard Paint is a coloured finishing coating formulated with water-based resins and granular inerts. To be used as finishing layer for professional tennis courts systems, ITF 5 certified. The product can claim remarkable anti slip features, high resistance against usury, UV rays, weathering and thermal shock. Suitable both for indoor and outdoor.

It's a product of Professional line – X-Pro system

Key benefits

High resistance to weathering, freeze-thaw cycles, UV rays, brackish air and salts in general
System for professional surfaces
High playing comfort
Perfect ball bouncing
Available in different colours
Elastic and resistant
Quick and easy to apply
Solvent free product