wooden door covering
DIBIDOKU by Michele Delvecchio and Raffaele Gerardi Di.Bi. Porte Blindate


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DibiDoku, and idea of Michele Delvecchio and Raffaele Gerardi, is a collection of finishing panels for security doors and interior doors, that you can design by your own throuh the web site www.dibidoku.com.
In this special area anyone can design his finishing panel: at the end of the process you can print the drawing, together with the price, and deliver it to the nearest dealer.
DibiDoku panels are realized in an innovative material, the natural HDF, which sustain the environment: there is no need to cut down trees, because it is produced with wood fibres that come from wood processing wastes and then dyed with organic colorants. The assembly of the panels is totally hand-made, with extreme care.
DibiDoku panels are realized creating a special design with the 9 modules made in natural HDF, available in 8 different pastel colours.
Thanks to the laser-cutting process, DibiDoku products can be personalized with the incision of names, numbers and symbols.