upholstery fabric / plain / striped / PVC



  • Type:


  • Motif:

    plain, striped

  • Material:

    PVC, acrylic

  • Options:

    translucent, for outdoor use, waterproof, high-resistance, blackout


Developed based on several years of research and analyses, the Expansion line has become the crown jewel of the new AREA+ collection.

Sheathed in a translucent membrane, the EXPANSION fabric has a mat, textile look. It is completely waterproof and is the first solution-dyed acrylic fabric with a naturally smooth face to help fight pollution and dirt.

EXPANSION fabrics are rollable or retractable and adapt to all pergola widths as taut fabric or vellums.

Available in 13 solid colours and 4 stripes, the EXPANSION range comes in a broad array of options so you can create perfectly harmonious gardens and terraces.

Create whatever kind of atmosphere youd like, from the cosy shade of dark fabrics to the bright outlook of paler hues.


Composition : Composite of 75% Mass dyed Acrylic + 25% PVC transparent membrane
Finish : Cleanguard Treatment anti stain and waterproof
Weight : 420 g/m²
Guarantee : 3 years