solar protection canvas / plain / polyester / fire-rated



  • Type:

    solar protection

  • Motif:


  • Material:


  • Options:

    fire-rated, waterproof


Dickson awning fabrics come with lots of guarantees:
glare reduction of up to 95%,
depending on the colour, 90 to 100% of UV radiation blocked out,
a source of shade that will help to limit the greenhouse effect on your terrace,
colours impregnated into the very heart of the fibre: all of our fabrics are solution-dyed, guaranteeing excellent colour-fastness under the effects of UV radiation,
not to mention the decorative touch they add to a buildings façade!
The ALTO FR* fireproof range is designed for professionals:
people who need to guarantee maximum safety for their customers: the Alto range complies with all fire-retardant safety standards, including M1 (France - NF P 92503/504/505), B1 (Germany - DIN 4102), C1 (Italy - UNI 9176) and M1 (Spain - UNE 23.727-90),
to ensure the durability of the fabric, UV absorbers are added to the fibre to enhance its physical resistance and limit the harmful effects of UV radiation,
maximum attention paid to appearance: the fibres are worked on under hot-air conditions, helping them to fill out and making them soft to the touch, with a texture similar to cotton,
top-of-the-range quality standards: woven 100% in solution-dyed polyester, the fabric is also coated on one side to ensure it performs perfectly over time, as well as offering increased watertightness.
Composition : 100% fireproof solution dyed polyester
Finish : Cleangard special dirt-resistance and water resistant treatment. Waterproof and UV ray proof coating on 1 side.
Weight : 350 g/m²
Guarantee : 5 years