indoor door / swing / wooden / security



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    security, acoustic, armored, thermally-insulated, burglar-proof


Twofold security: two locks, double protection.
The high security cylinder lock is protected from the outside by the “defender” (wrench resistant steel bushing) that prevents the entry of burglary tools, unregistered keys, etc..

The robust double bit lock is equipped with the interchangeable "Mia" block, a patented system that allows unlimited substitutions of the key without changing the entire lock.
In case of theft, loss or suspected copying of the key, simply replace the standard block with another, together with a new set of keys; a quick operation that can be done alone at home with a simple screwdriver.
If properly fitted, Hi-Fi provides a noise reduction of 38 dB according to UNI EN 140, and air tightness in class A2 according to EN 86.

Note: The noise reduction values are measured in the laboratory according to the above mentioned standards. The values measured during onsite installation may not reach similar values as a result of inferior performance or imperfections of the civil engineering works and installation.

Available in the single or double leaf versions.
The closure system is also available in the class 4 version.