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Fire grate
CLASSIC 45 dim\'ora


Do the houses influence the people living there or do the people living in a house make it special? The answer depends on who gives it. One thing is certain: it is important to choose furniture elements that heat the environment and create a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere. The gas fireplaces by dim’ora® immediately generate this kind of feeling, providing a sense of heat, conviviality, safety and cleanliness. We present the first classic gas fireplace for houses provided with chimney. Like the other models of the series, dim’ora® 45 can feature both manual and remote flame adjustment, requires an electric socket and can be powered by methane or propane gas (LPG). This chimney consists of a burner of 45 cm and a cast iron basket of 53 cm. The burner is not flat but angled outward: it demands a design project to adorn the two lateral sides and the back. The installation of dim’ora® 45 is very easy and must be performed by a plumber belonging to the CCIA collective agreement who can issue the required certification. dim’ora® 45 can be installed with its own basket inside a fireplace open on four sides. If the preliminary advices are followed, the installation process is even quicker: the gas supply connection, the socket, the vent-hole, the frame or structure for the fireplace. The creation of a mantelpiece for embellishment purposes is the last step, the one conveying the sensation of a true fireplace with ceramic wood or coal enveloped in glowing and magic flames. dim’ora® 45 complies with EEC safety standards and with the European Gas Appliance Directive (decorative gas fire).


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