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Gas fireplace / contemporary / closed hearth / open hearth


  • Energy source:


  • Style:


  • Hearth:

    closed hearth, open hearth

  • Type:

    3-sided, double-sided

  • Installation:


  • Other characteristics:



What does it mean to be the first in Italy to produce, since 1999, not normal gas fireplaces, but customised gas fireplaces? It means to offer an extremely refined warm design product, an object which outlines the style of each environment and increases the pleasure to live it. Our know-how and expertise allow us to have excellent references. Each fireplace stems from the work of architects, stove fitters, steelworkers and supervisors, ensuring the safety of a certified and approved product. dim'ora® gas fireplaces harmonize the desires and the personality of who choose them and create comfort and theatricalism everywhere, mixing beauty and functionality in an excellent way. dim'ora® sistema offers highly specialised solutions, representing a product customised from every point of view, which can be used everywhere. dim'ora® represents a touch of class, easy to use and control and, most of all, pleasant to the eye, with its high flames dancing on the firewood and the ceramic stones, without dirtying or smelling, only giving an emotion. dim'ora® stands for gas fireplace evolution, reliable technology and ad-hoc consulting service, but it also allows the retrieval of an ancestral feeling by providing warmth and hospitality.


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