gas fireplace / contemporary / closed hearth / 3-sided



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    closed hearth

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Manufactured in the Netherlands, a country renowned for its long tradition in the field of gas fireplaces production and utilization, the modules produced by dim’ora® in cooperation with Faber are designed on the basis of the best Italian style. The functional dimensions and shapes, the peculiar colour and the shape of the ceramic fibre logs, as well as the impressive realism of the embers, assure a great visual effect as well as absolute prestige. The various models, the different dimensions, the peculiar technical and design features allow the dim’ora® fireplaces to be mounted in various houses and environments without traditional chimney. From living rooms to bedrooms, from urban apartments to country houses, from the modern furniture to the classic style, the fireplaces by dim’ora® are perfectly fit for every environment. The FRONTAL GLASS gas fireplaces by dim’ora® are waterproof and provided with natural draft (balanced flue), whose classification label is C 11. The decorative gas fireplaces by dim’ora® are EC approved in compliance with the laws in force. The certification includes both the product and the coaxial pipes, available with lengths of 15 or 20 cm. The chimney has to be mandatorily delivered by the manufacturer and is an integral part of the product.