public trash can / floor-standing / galvanized steel / contemporary
BOING 317 DIMCAR s.r.l.



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    galvanized steel

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Boing Design Waste Collection Design Basket. The structure consists of a galvanized steel tube support pillar complete with PVC end cap, two "C" shaped opposing supports made from laser cutting with decorative carvings representing stylized leaves, galvanized sheet and lid made of a cap Semi-spherical positioned with a tilt of about thirty degrees with respect to the basket. The upright is anchored to the ground by extending it into the ground. Cylindrical basket made of galvanized steel sheet with three full zones and two zones characterized by holes arranged in alternating diamonds, in the central part the basket has a stiffening rib, upper cut edge and bottom made of a semispherical shell Galvanized sheet metal holes for the discharge of the meteoric waters. Emptying operations are facilitated with the release of the Allen screw that allows the basket frontal tipping. The Boing basket is supplied in assembly kits with stainless steel screws. The basic finish for the metal parts of this product is made up of two colors, specifically: "ruby red" color RAL 3003 for the support and cover and color "brilliant aluminum" for the support upright and the basket. The customer may, however, require a different finish, chosen from the RAL colors available on our website. The painting technique used for the galvanized steel structure is made with thermosetting powders with baking.

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